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LIMITED EDITION YELLOW VINYL 250 copies only (also available as 250 black vinyls)

While Ayyuka blended the Anatolian sound with their pure psychedelia, it was not hip! With their master musicianship, they merged surf rock to arabesque, punk to spaghetti western, Anatolian rock to funk. In 2007, their debut album had a big impact, putting the band in front of bands like REM and Sonic Youth. With our dear friends Shalgam Records, they released "Kiracı Odaları" and "Sömestr".

Their latest opus MASLAK HALAYI, (9 track on digital, 8 on vinyl) is recorded in Istanbul but mixed by grammy awarded our beloved brother, italian genius Tommaso Colliva.

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AYYUKA "Maslak Halayı" Yellow LP

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